Originality and Plagiarism Policy

Al-Wifaq Research Journal believes in quality research and consequently, there is no space for plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a breach of Journalistic ethics and is an intellectual crime. In accordance with the guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Al-Wifaq Research Journal will never tolerate plagiarism as It has a very clear policy regarding this.

Distortion of facts, copying or stealing of others’ creative work, duplicating and reproducing an author’s own already published work, are all considered undesirable and adverse practices. Therefore, the plagiarism of all received manuscripts is checked through the software (Turnitin) before sending them for blind peer review. If similarity is more than 19%, the paper is returned to the author(s) immediately. Al-Wifaq follows HEC guidelines to make the determination whether (or to what extent) plagiarism exists.

If plagiarism or other unethical practices are detected after publishing the paper, editorial board has the authority to correct or retract the paper as HEC’s plagiarism policy. All authors are responsible for their content individually and collectively. In case of serious plagiarism issues, editorial board may decide to consult the institutions of authors.

Self-plagiarism: verbatim or substantial copying of authors’ own published work (or under consideration for publication at some other outlet) effecting originality of current submission is also not acceptable in any way.

Authors caught plagiarizing face disciplinary measures. Al-Wifaq Research Journal will take strict actions regarding this as following:

  1. A ‘Plagiarism Standing Committee’ is to be handled for investigation. Clear terms of reference will be provided to the ‘Plagiarism Standing Committee’ for their investigation.
  2. Under investigation, an opportunity to the author will be provided to justify the originality of their concepts and research work.
  3. Plagiarism Standing Committee shall conduct the investigation and submit its report with clear-cut findings and recommendations to the editor journal within a specific period not exceeding 60 days.
  4. The Dean/Head of Department will have the discretion to implement the recommendations after approval through the statutory process and take punitive actions against the offender as per penalties prescribed under the HEC policy or to forward the report to HEC for further actions.

It is the responsibility of the authors to prove the originality of their research by ensuring that ideas are not stolen, the citation is original and proper, no rephrasing is made from someone other’s thought, and the results and conclusion drawn are obtained from the original research of the author. The work presented for publication must be related to the author’s original research.

Letter of Acceptance

A letter of acceptance can be issued by the editor on request to the author after positive reviews from all the reviewers.