The Common Forms of Brokerage and Middleman, and their Shariah Solutions

Adeel Ahmed *
PhD Scholar, Faculty of Maarif-e-Islamia, Federal Urdu University, Karachi.

Dr. M. Hassan Imam **
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Maarif-e-Islamia, Federal Urdu University, Karachi.


In order to promote such thinking and thinking regarding the forms of brokerage/middleman that are prevalent in our society, this article is being presented that this sector should be continued in accordance with the teachings of Islam so that our Islamic economic system is grown up in the best possible way.

In the current economic system, many new methods of brokerage are emerging which are very important to be aware of and it has become a great challenge for the scholars of today to inculcate the Islamic spirit in these methods by incorporating them into the Islamic structure.

In the Islamic economic system where rules and regulations have been laid down for those who work, those who work for them are also prevented from violating the rights of those who work ethically and religiously because at the present time. The role of the middleman is a key factor in the introduction of new ways of doing business. Therefore, it is very important to examine its limits from the Islamic point of view.

The cases which were prevalent in the early centuries, the justification of which was agreed by the companions, are due to the fact that the purpose of this writing is to consider the validity and apply the present case to them and find a shariah solution. Giving as much information as possible is the essence of this research.


Brokerage, Commission Agent, Middleman, Advocate, Third party contract


Vol 5

Issue 1

January – June 2022