Islam, Madrassah and Modern Challenges
(Literature Analysis)

Muhammad Rashid *
Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Politics & IR, International Islamic University, Islamabad.


Islam has always been viewed as a religion as well as a political system. Islam was practiced politically by the followers as well as it worked as a constitution for the Islamic state. It was due to these teachings that Islamic education was considered productive for running the Islamic state of Madina. In the 19th century, different Islamic organizations started efforts for the revival of Islamic Politics in different parts of the world. This ‘revivalism’ is called Islamism, which is positive in its essence and has no links with extremism as claimed by certain scholars. The opinions of various scholars demonstrate that the Madrasah educational system, based on the Quranic and Islamic teachings, alternatively indoctrinates students to act violently against others. But the literature being taught in Madrasahs proves otherwise. Madrasah’s students are taught about Islam and its preaching of peace and harmony. However, just because students are provided with the teachings of Dars-e-Nizami in Madrasah, it does not absolutely suggest that they attempt to use violent means against their opponents, despite the fact that economical frustration haunts them. Another important factor to be considered is that thinking of Madrasah graduates is also affected and thus shaped by the international political circumstances. However, there is no clear evidence to show the involvement of Madrasah students in any kind of terrorism. It is believed that there are only a few Madrasahs that produce militants or support militancy, but it cannot be admitted that these few Madrasahs have any strong effect on the country-wide militancy. Madrasahs are not limited to only religious affairs, but they also play a significant role in politics. So, they should not be considered only a place of learning, but centers for political studies, values, and norms related to practical life.


Madrassah, Dars-e-Nizami, Extremism, Islamism, Modernism, Islam


Vol 3

Issue 1

January – June 2020