“Happiness” as an Idea Presented by Media and the Criteria given by Islam
(An Overview under the light of Quran and Hadith)

Dr. Farhat Nisar *
Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Comsats University Islamabad.

Dr. Amna Saeed **
Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Comsats University Islamabad.


Happiness is perhaps one of the most important things in life, especially nowadays everyone is in search of a happy and satisfying life. Conceptually, happiness itself is an idea, emotion, virtue, philosophy, ideal, or is it just programmed in the genes? Hence no definition for it, yet still everyone seems to be selling or buying happiness including drug dealers, pharmaceutical companies, Hollywood, toy companies, self-help gurus, and, of course, Disney, creator of the Happiest Place on Earth. Can happiness be selling or buy or achieved by maximizing wealth, fame, and fortune? This article will briefly explore the idea of happiness is presented and promoted by the media because in the current times’ technological advancement media has a vital role in making and reshaping the thought and ideology of individuals and society. This article will discuss the idea of happy and successful life given by the media. Finally, the meaning and a few means of attaining happiness in Islam will be discussed. The first part of the article will discuss the role of media in ideology making, and then what is the criteria of happiness promoted by media. Later there is a description idea of happiness in Islam and what is criteria and approaches to sustain happiness in life. Lastly findings and conclusion of discussion have been given to open a choice which idea is more impactful and practical in long run for both in this world and hereafter.


Happiness, Media, idea, Success, pleasure.


Vol 3

Issue 1

January – June 2020