Enforcement of Punishments and their Philosophy in the light of Shariah
(A Research Review)

Arshi Bashir *
M. Phil Research Scholar, Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology, Islamabad.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan **
Assistant Professor, Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology, Islamabad.


Islam being a complete code of life emphasizes equality, peace, harmony, righteousness, and justice. To safeguard the society from disruptive elements Islam enforced punishments with their philosophical approach. According to Shariah, criminal behavior in an Islamic society cannot be tolerated and the offender gets punished according to Islamic criminal laws. The reason behind the imposing of strict punishments under Shariah is to put the people in mindfulness that criminal behavior must be punished. These punishments are perfectly justified as Islam not only takes every possible measure to prevent violations but also indoctrinates commendable moral scruples in the offenders. For the reforms of criminals and in order to uphold harmony and peace in the society Islamic Criminal law has approved many offenses with providing deterrent, reformative, retaliate, and other kinds of penalties. This paper deals with Islamic criminal law and to find out its philosophical approach and wisdom.


Islamic Criminal Law, Hadud, Qisas, Tazirat, Philosophical Approach


Vol 2

Issue 2

July 2019 to December 2019