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فتنہ وضع حدیث وانکار حدیث کے اسباب ومحرکات اورا ن کاتدارک ) تاریخی و تجزیاتی مطالعہ ( – Al-Wifaq Journal

فتنہ وضع حدیث و انکار حدیث کے اسباب و محرکات اور ان کا تدارک
(تاریخی و تجزیاتی مطالعہ)

* عبد الرؤف
لیکچرر،شعبہ علوم اسلامیہ، نمل یونیورسٹی، اسلام آباد

** ڈاکٹر ریاض احمد سعید
لیکچرر،شعبہ علوم اسلامیہ، نمل یونیورسٹی، اسلام آباد


This study analytically describes the reasons and solution of Fitna Waza-e-Hadith and Inkᾱr-e-Hadith (temptation of denial and fabrication of Hadith) in historical context of the compilation of Hadith. The Muslim Ummah, in its entire history, has faced many kinds of assaults by enemies of Islam. However, the Hadīth fabrication have been presented as the most severe challenge. The opponents of Islam, in early phases of Islamic history, decided to damage the authenticity of the unparalleled and unexampled treasure of the Prophet’s Ᾱhᾱdth. Their efforts, however, were thwarted by the efforts of scholars of the science of Hadīth criticism (Muhaddithῑn). May Almighty bless the souls of those who defended the Prophet’s Ᾱhᾱdth. They exerted their full efforts in sifting the true knowledge from fabrications. They pointed out the loopholes through which the fabricated Aḥādīth were mixed with the sound ones. The amount of fabrications can be imagined by considering the fact that only a few thousand narratives (Rowᾱt) could pass the test of a set criterion for the sound Aḥādīth from hundreds of thousands of Aḥādīth. This renders it important for us to discuss in detail the motives of Hadīth fabrication and try to establish the ways weak and fabricated traditions were included in the sound Aḥādīth. We must also understand the nature of this evil. For if a researcher in this field is not fully aware and well known of the nature of the evil he cannot be expected to show the required competence in the field of Prophet’s Hadith. The temptation of the fabricated Hadith is a big challenge to the Muslim community throughout the history. Therefore Muslim must be careful to pass out the Prophet’s Hadith without checkout its authenticity and refrence. In this study analytical and historical research approaches are adopted with mix method approaches.


Fitna Inkar-e-Hadith, reasons, motives, solution, historical and analytical study.


Vol 2

Issue 1

January 2019 to June 2019