Freedom of Speech in Islamic and Western Thoughts (A Comparative Analysis)

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed *
Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML, Islamabad.

Muhammad Salman Qazi **
M. Phil Scholar, Department of English, International Islamic University, Islamabad


Islamic and Western thoughts give hallmark importance and space to the freedom of expression and thought. But it is also a fact that has different views about the limits and principles of freedom of expression. During the study, it is strongly perceived that in Islamic freedom of expression, we find various social, moral, and legal limits, but in the Western perspective, we find only legal restrictions because the Revealed Ethics have not any concern to the contemporary Western thought and civilization. These legal limits and principles protect freedom of expression and individual rights rather than civil and religious defamation. Therefore, all Western and Eastern laws and conventions limit the freedom of expression in various aspects. This comparative analysis of the issues of freedom of expression in Islamic and modern Western thought. The comparative and analytical research methodology is adopted in this study with the qualitative paradigm.


Freedom of speech, Islam thought, Western context, comparative analysis 


Vol 1

Issue 2

July 2018 to December 2018